Mysql 4.0.x and NPTL based systems.


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Nov 29, 2004

I am refering to:

Important Notice: Incompatible versions of Mysql 4.0.x and NPTL based systems.
If you are running a newer linux system which is NPTL based (CentOS 4, Fedora 3+, RHE 4, etc) and are having problems with MySQL 4.0.x (versions later then 4.0.23*), we recommend upgrading to MySQL 4.1.x as we have determined that there are compatibility issues on these platforms. You can easily upgrade to 4.1.x by changing the Mysql Version in Tweak Settings
If you are worried about compatibility with MySQL 4.0, be sure to check the box labeled: Use old style (4.0) passwords with mySQL 4.1. in Tweak Settings.
If you are unsure if your system is NPTL based, run getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION at the command line and see if it displays NPTL.
* 4.0.23 does not have any known issues, but is subject to security vulnerabilities:,

Has anyone upgraded to mysql 4.1 ? If yes did you encountered any problems ?

I was told by PSM that: "You may find every once and a while that a script or database is not compatible with 4.1, but other than that, upgrading is fine. The reason why some scripts/databases may not work, is mostly because they are older and not compatible with the newer style."

So is this true ?