Mysql and Postgresql datbases count

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Dec 9, 2018
Congo, DR
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I have recently got Postgresql activated on my hosting service. The problem is that it is doubling the database number a customer may have in a single account. If I give 10 databases to a user, cPanel is displaying 10 databases for mysql and 10 for postresql. When mysql databases are consummed, their number decreases but not for postgresql. We have something like : mysql : 8 databases remaining and postgresql 10 databases.

I think this behavior is not correct. Just as the same disk space is consuming by files, databases and emails, no matter, the databases count should also be consumed by both services the same way. If a give to a customer 10 databases, and they use 2 from mysql, both mysql and postgresql should only be able to have 8 databases remaining. If one of them consumes all 10 databases, the other should not be able to create any.

Is this behavior configurable or are we condemned to use them that way ?

Thank you much for your time.


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Jun 9, 2020
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I believe this is the expected behaviour as pSQL and MySQL are different hence they have different limits. Some would only allow 1 pSQL and unlimited MySQL databases rather than a global limit and I think this is not configurable they way you wish at the moment but hopefully @cPanelAnthony will confirm this for us.