MySQL auto update problem


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May 3, 2005
I have a problem with mysql auto update in one of my servers.

UPCP tolds me:

This is the MySQL 4.0.25 installer release number 0 for platform
MySQL-shared is out of date (MySQL-shared-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-shared-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-shared-compat is out of date (MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-shared-compat-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-devel is out of date (MySQL-devel-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-devel-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-embedded is out of date (MySQL-embedded-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-embedded-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-client is out of date (MySQL-client-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-client-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-bench is out of date (MySQL-bench-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-bench-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-server is out of date (MySQL-server-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-server-4.0.25-0)
MySQL-shared is out of date (MySQL-shared-4.0.24-0 != MySQL-shared-4.0.25-0)

but my MySQL is still in old version after that. I don't have this problem on other machines, MySQL is updating there automatically when new version is available.

How I can "force" MySQL to update, without compiling new version by myself? ;)