MySQL Backup Download confusion

Mariusz Kowalczyk

Mar 23, 2017
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So I am a bit confused.

I login to the panel as the website owner. In the backup category there is this section:
Download a MySQL Database Backup

Below, I see two links:


I have actually changed the real database names due to the protection paranoia, but let's say abc is the real name of my database and abc_abc3 is the name of the original database created by cPanel when I have created my account from the root panel.

I have removed the abc_abc3 database by 17.03.22 and created abc3 database.

And I think something is wrong here. Why by abc3 database doesn't have the date as a suffix? Shouldn't I see copies from 5 days or so on the list (I have checked to keep the copies for 5 days in the root panel).

In PHPMyAdmin I see an empty database named abc_abc3.170321 and my abc3. These are the only two databases I see there. I have removed the original abc_abc3. Does that mean that the backups should be visible in the phpmyadmin as normal databases?

And last question, where is this getsqlbackup/abc3.sql.gz file located on the server?

Thank you for your time, I am using cPanel for a few days and it's great.
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Apr 11, 2011

The "Download a MySQL Database Backup" section in "cPanel >> Backup" lists all of the databases associated with the account. This section will not list or store previously saved backups. Instead, anytime you click on the database name, it generates and downloads a present backup of the database. The SQL backup file is generated live, and is not stored on the server.

Thank you.