MySQL Database Stopping Randomly?


Jan 15, 2015
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Root Administrator
Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue with one of our newer VPS cPanel servers. The full specifications of the server are:

CPU: Intel Xeon X3323 (dual core)
Memory: 2GB ECC DDR3
Hard Drive: 90GB (61GB Free)
Network: Single Public Facing IP
OS: CentOS 6.6 64-Bit

The server is used to host mail and websites, the mail is all working fine for everyone, but WordPress websites have an issue where it will randomly go to the 'Install WordPress' screen - As if there is no backend database already installed for it. Initially I suspected this could be a problem with RAM utilisation, but we have upgraded the server from 1 to 2GB and the issue remains. RAM utilisation is around the 60% mark at the moment.

When the WordPress issue does popup, restarting the MySQL service from inside WHM always fixes the problem, but the error log in /var/lib/MySQL only contains shutdown requests and the startup information (buffer is at 128MB).

I'm a little lost as to what could cause the database server to stop responding to requests! Our old Centos 5.5 server is setup pretty much identically and is running perfectly!

Any ideas?