mysql database uploading


Apr 27, 2005
aoa! v hv hosted our website by the name of, while using cPanel's file manager according to ur document there should must be the path of the database as \var\lib\mysql but there is no such path but through phpmyadmin the database is being accessed but now i would like to transfer my foxpro .dbf files data to my website in the form of mysql database so plz inform me about uploading the data to the sever and if possible how i can search the location of the database. i have only the password of cpanel but not the web host manager(WHM). plz tell me about accessing the database and also plz inform me about uploading the local tables/database to the website.
plz reply as soon as possible, bcz the time limit for us to develp is toooo limited
Mahmood Ahmad
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Feb 25, 2005
I don't think so that u hv provided with shell access......U can do all ur db related works through phpmyadmin. just login to your ur cp and click on mysql your desired database and then see the options in right ur desired task and accomplish that.