Oct 9, 2006
Saint Petersburg, FL
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
My turn. I apologize for this post if there is already an answer here. I recently updated a bckup of our websites into mysql.After that everythingf worked. As a matter of fact one of our websites the only one up right now is running. GO Figure? why? Because now when trying to get into phpadmin I get the cant connect through socket blah blah blah error... I also get this through console. I have chown,chmod,path/to/this/and/that/...

At this point 1 day total. I am out of steam.

Right now the issues:
CPanel cannot and will not display mysql info.
Users of cpanel cannot create databases.
mod_security wont even talk to me anymore! "sigh"

Possible resolution:
Kill, MDK, Mysql and then reinstall mysql back to the way it was when cpanel was installed.

How can I uninstall mysql and then reinstall it with cpanel?

I saw the rpm repository in cpanel. clicked on the mysql (uninstall) clicked force and it did not work.

AMD x 2 @ 1900 mhz(Of course)!

Thank You everyone for any help you may be able to offer.:p