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MySQL - High Load

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jasio, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. Jasio

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    Feb 15, 2004
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    Recently my MySQL server has been having rather high loads. It has been pushing the server's load to an average of 4.9 - 5.5 over an extended period of time (5+ hours).

    In order to try and lower the load, I dropped in the my-huge.cnf configuration file, versus the standard my.cnf file (cp'ed and renamed my-huge to my.cnf, backed up my.cnf). After restarting the service, everything seemed fine but once again the load is back up. I have a few large databases around 90-140Mb which is one of the reasons why I moved to the my-huge.cnf.

    The server's specs are Dual 2.8Ghz Xeon HT, with 2Gb of RAM (2Gb swap). The interesting part is that when I run 'top' to check usage I see mysqld as the top process user yet it is only showing as using 0.9% CPU and 18% RAM. I have gone through and checked other processes and they seem fine (low usage). Just in case I ran a rootkit check on the box, and it turned up nothing.

    I am running the latest stable build of WHM/cPanel WHM 9.9.9 cPanel 9.9.9-S15, on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0.

    Help, and ideas would be appreciated.
    -- Thanks


    When running 'ps -A':

    18874 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld_safe
    18900 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18901 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18902 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18903 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18904 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18905 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18906 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18907 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18908 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18909 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18910 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld
    18911 pts/3 00:00:00 mysqld

    Quite a lot of mysqld processes appear, even after stoping/starting the service, at least 10 myqld processes return to the process tree.
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