Oct 14, 2003
Hi I don't run a webserver just a website whitch my hosts offer c-panel.
I would like to know how i can add a php script to mysql outside of Fantastico?
Im trying to add php adsnew it's a banner rotation script.
I sent an e-mail to me hosts But didnt get much help.
here is Their reply.....Witch i have tryed what they suggested

The format for the script variables is:

db host: localhost
db name: prefix_dbname
db user: prefix_dbuser
db password: password (no prefix)

the port is 3306, but it is useless since cPanel doesnt let you connect remotely to a database.

You might rename the table prefix to sexy-sho_ if you cant get it running.

use MyISAM

If that fails that is all i can offer since we do not support 3rd party scripts. I would bet that the maker of the script has docs or can tell you the proper settings for a cPanel server if you cannot get it.



(the "star" instead of 5_star has to do with a recent cpanel update that changed the way the plans are displayed to the end user (you) They had a bug in the past where they didnt list them properly, so we named them as such "1_star, 2_star, 3_star, etc." Now cpanel changed the way they display the plans to drop the _ and anything before it.) Support Ticket Number: