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May 16, 2003
I had a client report a strange problem. He is using the MySQL password function to create passwords for his users. Up until a month ago, the password function was creating 41 digit hashes but now it is creating 16 digit hashes which is the same as 4.0. However the server is says it is running 4.1.21 standard. The clients states there is no difference whether he uses password or old_password. Here is is his last reply:

"OK, I tried the OLD_PASSWORD function on pw320 and got a hash of 14f90a46288f2fbf, which is precisely what I got using a new test of the PASSWORD function.

In other words, the PASSWORD function now gives the same results as the OLD_PASSWORD function, unlike last month and back for a couple of years when it gave the 41-digit style hash."

I am not sure what to do hear and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.