MySQL Query Browser can't connect


Dec 19, 2006
Hello, I recently downloaded mySQL Query Browser 1.2.6b from the mySQL website and wanted to use it to test some things out on our webserver running WHM/cPanel.

I am having problems connecting and I am not sure why. Here is the error message:

Could not connect to the specified instance.

MySQL error number 1044
Access denied for user: '[email protected]%.%' to database 'xxxxxxxx_db'

If you want to check the network connection, please click the Ping button.
I'm not sure what the issue is. I have gone into cPanel and said to allow access from host 125.236.%.%. My current IP falls under this range. Should the error message say I am trying to log in with the '%' wildcards in the username? That seems strange.

I am running mySQL 4.0.27

I checked to make sure I was using the correct mySQL port

Does anyone else use this tool? Any ideas? Thanks


Dec 22, 2006
Lubbock TX
MySQL only uses three methods of authentication:
Permission, User/Pass, IP address.

1. Check and make sure that you added a user and pass. double check them.
2. Make sure that you added a Database.
3. Make sure you added that user to that Database with full permissions.
4. Make sure your IP address is in the access hosts.

You seem you have the correct syntax for your IP address but go ahead and try putting it in again as your full IP without wildcards. If you check all of that and you still can't log in you are going to have to provide us more detail.