MySQL Replication: Master/Slave on the SAME dedicated server (different ports?)


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Apr 19, 2005

I am getting started reading up on replication. I want a simple thing..not for backup, just for efficient SELECTs. Right now, a huge table of ours gets locked up every time we do an insert and update, so all I need is:

1. A master that accepts INSERT and UPDATE
2. A slave that accepts SELECT
3. This is only for one DB (for one domain). The rest of the domains hosted on my dedicated hosting servers should continue to use the regular MySQL, from my single my.cnf -- which is probably the master?

Has anyone set something like this up? How would you go about it? The MySQL replication manual site is horrendous in giving step-by-step help, and most of the tutorials google spews out assume that you have several PHYSICAL servers that become master and slave. All I want is perhaps two processes running on the same server.

Would appreciate some thoughts, or pointers! Many thanks.


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Mar 25, 2003
New Jersey
This would be pretty tricky to do...and probably not reccomended. But if you want to try it, I'd suggest asking for advice on the MySQL Forums.