May 28, 2003
Reading UK
Right im having a right nightmare!!

Over the last 7 days my company has really started to pickup, and this morning i get up to find that my website is down due to mysql failed on the server. Now i dont own the box, its the only one service that i dont do myself (yet - hosting server being setup currently) Now i followed the usual lines of submit a support request, after 2 hours gave them a call as had have no replys at all.. as the day has passed i am getting more and more stressed.. i have emailed multiple times and phoned with no replys.. and now there emails are bouncing back saying the email address is currently not available.. all this from a fairly big london hosting company.

Now i still have full ftp access as its only mysql thats failed.

Now to my question.. can i download the mysql databases via ftp as im sick of the rudeness of there support.. if they are even there! i look like a twat to my customers as i cant give them a answer as to when it will be back.. ive backed up all my page files etc but cant find the mysql databases.. ive never taken hard backups of my site due to the fact i pay for backup from the company!!! and i cant even access that via the cp due to the mysql being down! Im stuck in a hard place atm. im loosing customers and cant give them answers.

Is there anyway i can get the databases via a non http method!

Any help much apreachated!


p.s. its been over 12 hours unavailable!


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Aug 26, 2007
unfortunately you can't grab mysql dbz from ftp. you should see if you can ssh into your account. if you can, you might be able to find them in one of your directories, otherwise, they're in a directory only accessible by root.