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Jan 15, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Team,

My client is having issues with name servers, and I can't figure out why.

Basically is registered with NetRegistry, and hosted on a dedicated server in the US (IPs: NS3/ which is working)

We are trying to setup a name servers for the AU server (NS1 [] | NS2 []).

We have set these as domain hosts (name servers) in NetRegistry and as A records on the US server.

This is the DNS Record:
; cPanel first:10.9.0-CURRENT_10300 latest:11.25.0-NIGHTLY_43357 Cpanel::ZoneFile::VERSION:1.3 mtime:1266876908
; Zone file for
$TTL 14400 86400 IN SOA (
2010022005 ;Serial Number
86400 ;refresh
7200 ;retry
3600000 ;expire
86400 ;minimum
) 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS 14400 IN A
localhost 14400 IN A 14400 IN MX 0
mail 14400 IN CNAME
www 14400 IN CNAME
ftp 14400 IN A
cpanel 14400 IN A
whm 14400 IN A
webmail 14400 IN A
webdisk 14400 IN A
ns1 14400 IN A
ns2 14400 IN A
ns3 14400 IN A
ns4 14400 IN A
s1 14400 IN A
s2 14400 IN A

However when I do tests on the domain I receive the error:

General Name Server Tests
Test Detail Result
Name Servers Exist Received answer from
The name servers for this domain are: Pass
Name Server Count You have 2 name servers. Pass
Name Server Glue Server returned no 'glue' records Warn
Name Server Authority Checking name server authority: is not authoritative for is not authoritative for
One or more name servers is not authoritative for this domain (or did not respond in time). Fail
Use Name Server No name server could be found. No further tests can be performed. Fail

Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue lol.

Thank You


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May 9, 2008

Make sure that you have set the child name servers from the domain name control panel with the same extension and name servers IP address.

If it does not resolve the issue then have a try to add name servers records in the domain DNS, which may resolve the issue.