Name Server's Point to Wrong IPs


Jul 27, 2005
Ok, bear with me here because I'm going to give a bit of background info.

A little over a month ago, my host was doing a fsck on the node my VPS is on and they ran into problems. So, they had to restore my server from a backup and I lost all of my WHM plugins. Fine, this had already happened a few months before. The real pain in the butt though was that for some reason they had to assign me new IP addresses because 'the other ones wouldn't work'. So, that sucked because I have quite a few software licenses tied to the old IP address. Anyway, I'd eventually gotten everything working fine with the new IPs. Then last week I got an email in my inbox saying that cpsrvd had failed...and then I got another one. I was kind of busy and not too worried because after this last debacle I had decided to get a dedicated server from a new host and keep the VPS as backup and whatnot, except for two domains for which I couldn't change their nameservers so they point to the VPS, which then refers to them on to the dedicated server.

The problem now is that the reason cpsrvd started failing was because my host had decided to change my IPs back to my original ones without telling me. So now the nameserver configuration is all retarded. I went and edited each DNS Zone and changed the IPs manually, even in the Host Name record (and I added an A entry). Even so, I still saw the two new and the two old IPs in WHM's 'Nameserver IPs' page. I saw a forum entry here and noticed a script was mentioned /etc/nameserverips, so I went there and I deleted the extra ones, saved and restarted BIND. So now WHM's 'Nameserver IPs' shows only the two IPs that are correct.

However, if I go to Basic cPanel/WHM Setup and I go down to the Nameserver Configuration portion of the page and then click on Assign IP Address, the IP address I am told is the wrong one. I don't know where WHM is pulling those values for the nameserver IPs from, because I thought editing the zones with the correct IP would have done the trick, but obviously there's some other location that I'm missing.

If somebody could help me find the correct location to change the nameserver IPs and get things resolving correctly again I'd really appreciate it.