named became unstable after cpanel update


Jul 30, 2005

We have few servers are running FreeBSD 5.4 + Cpanel. Few days ago all servers named became unstable. They didn't resolve any domains. I tried every i can /scripts/fixnamed, buggtynamed, rebuildnamedconf etc. i even completely reinstalled bind but result was always same. I could run named manually when restartsrv named fails. But after adding or deleting new account named.conf becomes empty. In some server there are 2 instances of namedb dir
one in /etc/namedb and another is /etc/namedb/etc/namedb when i copy zone files and named.conf into /etc/namedb/etc/namedb directory it start working. but again after creating new account, named.conf gone away.

I opened a ticket about this isseu 2 days ago but no one replied. If anyone knows how to fix i'll be pleased.

Thank you.