named failed @ .... A restart was attempted automagicly.


Sep 13, 2006
I thought I was comfortable with CPanel. I just moved to Server Beach from another company that abruptly went out of business yesterday stranding me and a ton of my clients with no sites today. I've spent the entire day copying sites over to the new (SB) server. During the initial setup or first visit to whm I setup the hostname. I also went to GoDaddy (where the domain name is controlled) and changed the DNS and (single) IP address to match my new setup. My thoughts are that because all the sites are using just a DNS and were sharing an IP from the last server, that in a perfect world I'll just need to wait for propogation to complete and all the sites should go back up. So I've done that and now every 8 minutes I get this email "named failed @ Wed Sep 13 19:00:02 2006. A restart was attempted automagicly." As I look at every link on the left nav I notice that the Nameserver IPs link shows the IP next to the nameserver and then a red X?

I hope I explained everything well enough. I'd greatly appreciate any and all help with this.


Just as a quick update to this post. My old server is back on, well until someone goes to lunch I guess. I was able to look at the difference between my SB CPanel config and the other company. I now see that the red X is correct, but I had two IP's dedicated on the other server (for ns1 and ns2). I went ahead and requested another IP last night. Is this correct? Do you think this will solve my problem?
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Mar 19, 2004
it's best to have:
1 IP for the host
2 IPs for 2 DNS servers

you would also need more if your sites run their own ssl