Jul 18, 2006
Attempting to restart named

Waiting for named to restart finished.

named status

named has failed, please contact the sysadmin (result was "named is not running"). Sep 9 22:10:25 server named[78307]: starting BIND 9.3.2 -u bind -c /etc/namedb/named.conf -t /var/named Sep 9 22:10:25 server named[78307]: command channel listening on Sep 9 22:10:25 server named[78307]: fflush() to pid file '/var/run/named/pid' failed Sep 9 22:10:25 server named[78307]: exiting (due to early fatal error).

also when i login to whm i got this notice

FreeBSD Bind 9 Issue:

The Bind 9 port was updated on September 6 to The update included changes to FreeBSD's ports system which are incompatible with previous versions. This update may result in Bind being improperly installed on some systems. The following command will resolve this issue on this server. This issue will also be addressed in future releases of cPanel's software.

How i can solve this problem ?
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Mar 19, 2004
A little information with your *colorfull* post would maybe help... Like what your box is running?

If you're running FreeBSD you should perhaps follow the /scripts2/doautofixer?autofix=bsdbindfix link that is displayed.

..and perhaps, upgrade BIND. If the upgrade didn't work, remove and then re-install BIND.