Nameserver and cPanel DNS Only issues.

Alex C

Feb 7, 2017
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Hello Everyone!

I got some great help on a question that I got here before so I have come back with another slight issue.

I had 1 Namecheap domain. This domain had it's own custom nameservers:


Now this domain pointed to it's own custom nameservers

Here is what my configuration was:

hostname.domain#1.tld WHM Server

ns1.domain#1.tld cPanel DNS Only (VPS Arizona)
ns2.domain#1.tld cPanel DNS Only (OVHVPS Canada)
ns3.domain#1.tld cPanel DNS Only (VPS Texas)
ns4.domain#1.tld cPanel DNS Only (VPS France)

At this current setup, I could never ping my NS servers on their hostnames "ns1.domain#1.tld",
I had to create separate records "dns1.domain#1.tld" instead. I talked it over with NameCheap and they recommended to delete the Nameservers and A records but that would mean downtime for my clients. Now I have bought a second domain so that resellers can use whitelable servers. I changed all of my NS and server hostname to ns1.domain#2.tld.

I currently still have my clients use the old nameservers which point to the same NS servers but the official NS is on domain#2 now. My question is, is it possible to have my clients use domain#1 NS for shared website clients and domain#2 for reseller clients? Or should I just have all my web clients use domain#2 and resellers can point their own NS A records to domain#2? I would like little to no downtime on this as I want to keep services up and running.

Thanks in advance!


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Apr 11, 2011

It's acceptable to use any name servers on a domain name, as long as the name servers are associated the correct IP addresses at the domain registrar. For instance, setting up ns1/ns2.domainXYZ.tld using the same IP addresses as the existing name servers is fully supported. Simply ensure the "A" records in the DNS zone on the cPanel server matche what's configured at the registrar.

Thank you.