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Dec 13, 2006

I have recently stood up my 2nd WHM server without any major issue. As with a kitchen with too many cooks I have ended up with my Nameservers "cross assigned" so to speak.

I have 7 IP's. One of them was set up as the primary shared IP, and another 2 IP's were assigned to NS1, and NS2 nameservers. Another team member was in charge of purchasing 2 security certificates that is licensed by IP. During the setup, they selected both of my NS IP's for the certificates. Since the certificates are licensed by IP, I can't change the IP's on the certificate end without it costing me $.

Questions -

Is there an issue with leaving the IP's (cross used if you will) in this manner? (Me personally - I am not comfortable with this)

How do I go about reassigning my other unreserved IP's to both of the nameservers? (step by step please)

I tried to edit one of the namserver zones as a test, but did not get positive results. Nothing drastic, it just didn't ever use the new IP I assigned. I thougt it best to consult the mroe experienced since I have two clients hosted on this server so they need to stay up.

Please assist - thanks


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Oct 4, 2006
If I am not wrong, I do believe sharing IPs for NS is allowed under cPanel but for SSL, there might be some restrictions as they would normnally require dedicated IPs.

As for changing the unused IPs to serve your NS, you can do so by editing /etc/nameserverips and then making the necessary changes on your registrar's end.

I stand corrected on #1.