Aug 30, 2002
Hi everyone,
Can someone please tell me the proper assignment for nameservers in CPanel.

Recently we have "re-assigned" our CPanel box from being a primary nameserver to secondary nameserver. The primary nameserver is now assigned to another box, and BIND is installed on this box. The changes were made because I was told that if the box running CPanel was the primaryname server, it will not or cannot add the new DNS zone information automatically to the secondary nameserver. Is this true?

In any event, after I have "re-assigned" the CPanel box as the secondaryname server, I started to see some weird things happenning.

Problem #1, I went to and ran two tests. Test #1, this domain name was added before the change.
And test #2 this domain was added after the change.
In test#2 the results from came back with a "FAILED" lameserver, why?

Problem #2, If I goto WHM>DNS Function>Edit DNS zone. For those domains I added after the switch, all the zone files appear to be normal. But for those domains I added before the change, all the zone information, the column under "Domain", are now "blank". I tried to use "Syncronize zone information with Primary nameserver", but it does not help. All the domains with this problem under WHM still resolves normally, any clue?

What is the proper assignment for the nameservers under CPanel? Please help!




Feb 5, 2003
We have the same problem and was wondering if you made any progress on this issue. We can not get our ns2 nameserver to respond. Changed the ip for ns2 in edit dns and this change refuses to take effect in server edit setup and "Assign an ip for a new nameserver". Hope to hear from you.