Feb 9, 2014
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I have some problem with my Nameserver. I used a VM on Onapp with 3 NIC (eth0). The 1st NIC (eth0) is being used by the Hostname it self, and the other 2 NIC (eth0:1 and eth0:2) are being used by ns1 and ns2.

I have checked that all the configuration in the nameserverips and nameserverips.yaml is correct. Why is my ns1 and ns2 still not detected by the internet.

If I ping my ns1 it got respond from hit-nxdomain.opendns.com (67.215.xx.xx).

FYI if I use intodns.com to check one of the domain that I used for testing it shows:
ns1a.domain.com. [] (NO GLUE) [TTL=300]
ns1b.domain.com. [] (NO GLUE) [TTL=300]

Can anybody help me and point me what is the problem thanks


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The functionality of the "Nameserver IPs" page is for visual purposes only. It is a report, and not a page meant to configure any aspect of DNS. It reports the nameservers used by DNS zones on the server, as well as a count of the the number of zones that use a given nameserver. The important entries on the cPanel server are the "A" records that you have added for your name servers. Thus, as long as you have registered these name servers to the matching IP addresses at the domain registrar, then no further DNS configuration is required. The "Nameserver IPs" page can include cached data, so you can safely ignore any mentions of "No IP" or a different IP on that page as it may take some time before it updates. Note that cPanel version 11.42 introduces the "NS Record Report" option in place of the "Nameserver IP's" option.

Based on the output you provided, it looks like the name servers are not registered to IP addresses at the registrar. There is a guide on doing this at the most common registrars here:

cPanel - Register Private Name Servers

Thank you.