[Nameserver setup] I'm having problems


Apr 28, 2004

Ive installed Cpanel on Redhat 9 just a few days ago, and i'm having problems regarding DNS / Nameservers.

First let me draw a scetch of the situation:
I'm running the latest Cpanel on a Redhat9 box, whitch is behind a NAT router. In order to get it to work (The box is for testing purposes), I had to 'portmap' a list of ports. That did work, because the licence requests come through, and people can login using SSH. (From an outside IP).
But the IP of my server is still '', so, no public IP.

The problem i'm having is the following: I get an error when I try to setup a new account:
Please setup a nameserver under Server Setup in WHM!!!
Missing NS Config Line in /etc/wwwacct.conf
So I tried setting up the nameserver values. I have got two IP's from my ISP ( & Those should be able to do a DNS lookup.
I added those IP's in the "Resolver Configuration", but that didn't fix the problem. Then I tried "manage Nameserver IP's". I added a DNS IP, didn't work either.
When I try to setup a value in the "Server setup > edit settings > Primary Nameserver", using 'Add an A entry for this nameserver', it gives the following error: "Cannot determine ip for ns1.xandrios.net".
ns1.xandrios.net has an A record to my (outside, public) IP.

Ive tried filling in all values, testing, nothing seems to work.
Anyone knows what i'm doing wrong?

My basic goal is this:
Setup the server in a way that i can point domain names (using an external nameserver, ie zoneedit.org) to the server, and add users who are then able to setup apache vhosts on those Domains.

Thank you,