Jul 14, 2003
ok here it goes,
i need help setting up a nameserver in whm and cpanel 7,
my os is linux mandrake 8.5 bluebird,
also im useing bind ver 9
ok under cpanel i set the nameserver option and clicked ok
then i added the ip for my nameserver ie, the ip of this machine
and the server
, and also under the domain name sonsofamvets269.org i added the dns to be my ip as the nameservers
ok now it still dont resolve and i have done the hostname on my server as my ip address and added a dns zone and a entry for it,
same for the sonsofamvets269.org
and still nothing please help
email to [email protected]
if cant reply ;)
but im monitoring this forum so i should see your reply ;)
and once again thank you
the website is here

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