Nameserver setup problems (unable to add/resolve)


Apr 8, 2011
I have a dedicated server with 5 IPs. On initial setup, I setup two nameservers for a domain that I have on it. That domain hasn't officially pointed to the server yet, so to make things clean, I bought another TLD that I plan to use for all of my DNS. That domain is working now, and I can hit it at [noparse]www.(mydnsdomain).com[/noparse]. I gave that domain my last unused IP.

When I go to add a new nameserverin WHM, I put in ns1.(mydnsdomain).com and get "Sorry, you are out of IPs to assign as nameservers". Do I need to delete the account for that IP before I can add a nameserver for it? That domain is using an IP, and since the nameserver is a subdomain of that domain, I want them to use the same IP - basically the way it would be if I only had a single IP to begin with, and just wanted to do my own DNS.
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Apr 2, 2011
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Its a pretty simple fix. Its a common mistake people make that I think should be put into the next update to do this automatically or more simpler.

This is what you have to do:

. Login to WHM
. Go to DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone
. Click on what ever domain you have the nameservers, not the but the domain itself
. Your gonna need to add some A name entries that would look like this:

ns1 - 38000 - in - A - (NS1 Ip adress on your server)
ns2 - 38000 - in - A - (NS2 Ip adress on your server)

Once you do this, save then go to the main page of whm and go back to the dns section were you made the entires and double check. If they are still there, good then go to the Nameserver config were you received that error and you will see both of the Nameservers with the IP's next to them.

I recommend reserving the nameserver IP's so no accounts will be placed under them for some extra security.

Let me know if you need any more help!