May 31, 2019
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i currently have 3 super alpha reseller account and i want to use one domain dns to controll all, so i created my own private dns ns1,ns2 and added the ip of one server account.
Then i created ns3, ns4 and added ip of second server
Also created ns5, ns6 and added the 3rd servers ip too. I did also add the dns in the whm
But only the ns1 and ns2 for the first server works the rest of two server doesn't. When i try to host a domain on my account and i set that domains nameservers to ns3, ns4 it doesn't work.
It works only if i use the default nameservers provided by my reseller, but i want use my own nameservers.
Any help would be appreciated
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Nov 14, 2017
Your provider will need to grant you the privilege to set your own nameservers, otherwise, they're inherited from the root user which would be the default nameservers provider by the provider.