Feb 25, 2008
I think Cpanel has some of the worst instructions or tuts of any program I have ever seen. I have looked online and everyone has a different way to set the nameservers up. I am so confused and upset b/c even if I do do it correct it could be 3 days before I know it is correct. Wow now that is a stupid system if I have ever heard of one!

My problem is i am getting an ip from my hosts nameserver and it will not dissappear from resolving. Also I am confused why the **** you need to name your host name different from the domain name? Why do you need a nameserver to ip why not go ip to domain or ip to hostname or vise versa? I have looked around and it seems like the whole domain name system is on crack. Maybe I could have someone just post how and why all this is to let me understand why and I can fix my own issue.

my domain is streamgps.mobi if you care to spit me some advise I dont care about giving the domain out cpanel couldnt stop the Brute Force attack being rampaged on the server and Cpanel crashed with VNC install so I have nothing to loose!


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Jun 9, 2008
Also I am confused why the **** you need to name your host name different from the domain name?
This doesn't mean that you have to use a different domain name, it means that you have to use a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) different than your web. An FQDN is in the form machinename.domain.com. For example, your main web domain might be www.mydomain.com, so they're saying you can't use that as a hostname. An appropriate hostname might be server1.mydomain.com.

I agree though, cPanel's docs and tutorials on domain setup are extremely vague. In addition, there seem to be major issues with the cPanel DNS Only product, and with DNS in cPanel in general. I've had hours and hours of DNS-related troubles.

For fast propagation, I am very thrilled with eNom. When I point my eNom domains to my own nameservers, I don't have to wait long at all for propagation. And if I create and maintain my zone records properly, changes are almost instantaneous in many cases, since eNom just points the domain right to my cPanel name server and I have proper rDNS, SOA, etc.

Good luck!