Aug 10, 2020
Riga, Latvia
cPanel Access Level
DataCenter Provider
Situation as follows:
I have a domain registered at godaddy.com with custom nameservers in use and pointing to my <public IP>.

My server sits behind a router with local IP; I have following ports forward from my router to the server: 53, 80, 443, 2083 and 2087.
In the DNS zone editor, my ns servers are pointed to the public IP with A record.

Is this a correct setup or should I point ns A records on my server to the local IP instead? Because right now, most of the DNS checkers I use, reply that my nameservers either don't respond/unreachable or simply cannot be found.

For router, I am using mikrotik.

I'm not entire surely if my setup is correct. Do I have to allow 53 port to be outbound from my server (at the router) (Also, mind you, firewalld is disabled on the server. WHM is running on CentOS 7). Or should my ns records on my server point to the local IP address instead of the public?

Thank you in advance for your answers!