Nameservers - same domain only more than 1 server


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Jul 18, 2005
I have multiple servers, and I want to use my to create ns3 and ns4 nameservers that will resolve to my second server, and ns1 and ns2 ro resolve to the old server. i have associated 2 ips from the first server to ns1 and ns2 where is hosted, and only associated ns3 and ns4 to the second server, where my domain isn`t.I hope I explained my self clearly enough for anyone to understand the procedure.The fact why I`m posting this, is that I tried to setup a domain on the second server, and the ns can`t resolve the ips.Any hints ?Do you guys need the domain ?

PS : I created the nameservers in my registrar too, so that can`t be an issue.Does resolving have a position in this issue ?


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Oct 6, 2005

Hi ,

I think this is your problem.

You have as your domain then you have , and, as your name servers. You want to have , on server one and, on server 2.

I think you need to create ns1,ns2 pointing to server1 and ns3,ns4 pointing to server2 in server one and ns1,ns2 pointing to server1 and ns3,ns4 in server 2 in server2 also.