Nasty SQL + PHPmyadmin behaviour..


Jun 29, 2003
Piraeus, Attica, Greece
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Hello there,

SQL works OK globally on the server...However, on an Ikonboard-converted-to-Invision board installation things got really screwed up!

I mean...The forum worked for almost a day.

Then, whenever I was trying to visit I was getting mySQL errors (namely, 'could now open ibf_topics.myi' and other idiotic things..)

We fixed the first error by editing the code in SQL, since some portion of it seemed to have tables written in non-english characters (dunno why).

Then, worse errors popped up, just hours later, with NO REASON! We didnt touch this particular mySQL db again!

Finally, after getting a load of mySQL errors, the server refuses to display anything anymore there:

Also, I noticed that after that weird behaviour, PHPMyAdmin 2.4.0 we have didnt work properly. Namely, the dropdown list on the left, containing all dbases, didnt work. You select a db from that table, and instead of showing us the contents (tables) of it, it just reloads the 'Welcome to PhpMyAdmin 2.4.0' page.

This does NOT happen if I select the 'databases' link from the start page, and browse them manually...

I'm going crazy, all other SQL things are working, WHY THIS? WHY did PHPmyAdmin stop working properly?>

Could it be the 'update backend scripts' command my partner initiated? Or something much worse?

-When the 'update backend scripts command was given, forum was working. However I suspect PHPmyAdmin stopped working OK since then.-

ANY ideas? Support Ticket Number: