Jan 21, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hi there!

As a webbureau we just invested in a few cPanel Root servers - And so far, we are lovin' cPanel for all its great features!

We're currently looking for someone, who would like to assist us with the routine maintenance, security, optimization etc. on these server.

The system is: WHM 11.30.5 (build 6) - CENTOS 6.2 x86_64 standard

To list a few things we need help with:
  • - Security settings (is everything configured the right way to protect the server?). I've read about CFS Firewall in the forums, but not quite sure how to install and configure
  • - Account setup and recommendation
  • - Installatron or Fantastico install
  • - Generel WHM tips & tricks
  • - Future cPanel upgrades
  • - And very importantly !! : Assistance, if something is wrong with the system/server

Is somebody here interested in helping us with these tasks?..
Any partner will - Of couse - Be paid for their work :)