Need a few pointers in the right direction :)


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Feb 20, 2003
Gothenburg, Sweden
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Need some help. Im looking for information on how to set up a spam/virus wash server which washes the mail and then sends it to the real mailserver.

Im going to use exim4.x Mailscanner with Clamav, Bitdefender, SA, DCC, Razor and maybe some other solutions as well.

I've never set up a mailserver which sends the received mail on to another server (usually just used exim on cpanel and delivered it locallly). Has anyone got any pointers for me? Websites with documentation? Hmm I guess the Exim docs might have something about this.

I know that the DNS has to be configured with the MX for the mailwasher but that's about all ;) Is there a way to make all outgoing mail (sendmail / smtp) to go through the mailwasher smtp as well? Or do I need to tell the clients to use and set it up to the IP of the mailwasher?

Really appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!



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Aug 26, 2004
I was looking for something like this a while ago.
The problem is that an account should be authorized to send emails through the remote server.
SO, you would need to copy all configs from the original server to the remote mail server to make sure user's updates are up to date ie sync servers
It would be a heavy script ue to the fact it should be ran frequently

I would like to advise you to configure rbl/sbl blacklists usage in Exim.conf and filter incomming messages in this way.

Actually I don't think outgoing emails filetrs would be a good idea, because you never know which email is spam and you're not able to proof it until someone complaints this's a spam.

Hope this helps.