Need an alias for a server name - httpd.conf


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Aug 30, 2003
Trying to help a reseller with branding.

My company name is in my server domain name. An application we offer puts the server name in the title bar when it is being executed. The reseller, who is a competitor in some situations, prefers not to display my company name at top of the page for their customers.

My users and the reseller's users invoke the application via; xxx is defined in httpd.conf with an entry AliasMatch /xxx$ /usr/local/xxx/abc.html

The title displayed in the resulting browser says "" -- that is what I want to change.

The application vendor tells me that the application "needs to run using your hostname so as to keep out of the way of suexec. Since only the hostname is sure to exist in httpd.conf without a user directive this is the only out of the box solution we have to make sure the application can run. If you want to create your own Virtual Host (outside of the control panel so it has no user directive) and copy in the aliases that the application uses that is certainly possible but we have no pre-set instructions for doing so."

How do I set up a virtual host for the server as he suggests, and then create a new command alias that will display the alternate host name?