Jun 9, 2008
I have tried to install both of the free ads as posted on

This one

seems to install but when i try to force a ad on a user i get

User {$u} will now have ads

No users are added to the list and no ads are shown it also messes up my installation of mod_layout

The second one:
Force ads on accounts automatically for FREE with cpanel ... -

When creating a account it says the user will have ads but i get no output

I have followed both instructions again and again and can not find any errors.

If anyone knows of any free force ads scripts that work please let me know or if you can get these working for me please name your price!!

I need these asap and there is no room for error as my hosting is now live with a few accounts active

cent 5 Apache 2.2 mod layout 5.1

Many thanks