Need help fast with subdomains/accounts/ and httpd.conf


Apr 9, 2005
ok we just transferred our accounts to a new server (new company) and I can't get this to work like I did on our old server.

here's what i would do before: we offer subdomains to people who can't afford a domain name, and by using the subdomain, they can access their account via cpanel etc.

so i would create the subdomain first in my main account

then i would go into my whm and create a new account using the domain

then i would go back to and go back to subdomains and redirect the subdomain to the assigned ip for the account i created in whm.

this created two entries into the httpd.conf file - one of the actual account and one for the subdomain.

the reason for doing this is because not all of our customers wanted to buy domain names or could afford them. and by doing this it would mask the url so that when it was redirected to the actual public_html folder the address bar of the web browser would still say and it wouldn't be http://ipaddress/whatever.

now when i try this method that used to work for me i get errors because the httpd.conf will only allow one entry per domain, meaning i can't have the two before that i once did.

i really don't want to have to tell the majority of my customers they have to go and buy a domain name.

is there a way to make it so that there can be more than one entry per domain name in the httpd.conf? i'm not looking for a new way to cloak as when i create an account for a customer, they have to have a domain name and i want to continue for them to access their account via cpanel like they have been.


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Apr 21, 2005
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I think (Or it sounds) like your over complicating it ;-) If you go into WHM and go to create account, under domain name put and add a user name and package and it works fine, you can http the site and log in via FTP with only access to that account. No reason to set it up in CPanel. I just tried it an it does work.

UNLESS you wanted all the subdomains to all be pointed to then the customer would be Then I am not positive unless you gave the subdomain reseller access so you could set up sub sub accounts.
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