Need help, moving servers


Jul 15, 2004
Hi all,

I have secured a second server, and want to migrate all existing cpanel clients to the new box. I know how to use the move account feature in whm and that works, moving the data isn't the issue.

The issue is DNS settings. I have to keep the same DNS server names. When I try to set these up in whm I get the error that the IP has already been assigned to that DNS name (it lists the IP assigned to the nameserver from my original server). HOW can I get around this? What I want to do is to:

-migrate all data over
-update DNS settings as my registrar (Enom) when data is moved to reflect the new IP addresses
-Allow the changes to propigate and take effect.

Is there a better approach? The goal is zero downtime. Thanks in advance for your help. If anyone can help I'd be willing to pay you, just PM me here.


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Oct 24, 2003
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enter the A entries in manually for you nameservers

or you can set up a dns cluster then and move your sites over change your NS ip's down time 0 remove the cluster when DNS propagates
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