Need Help setting up dedicated server.


May 31, 2007
I just recently got a dedicated server for a high traffic website. However setting up the server has been a major headache. I cannot get my domain pointed to new server. I did have my domain set as a name server through registrant. I am also receiving tons of emails saying NAMED FAILED. This is also showing in red on service status. Company I have gotten server from is 100% hopless. Alot of the time when we change server host and dns settings we get invalid license failed and cannot access the server until cpanel is rest.

My website has been down for days now because of this and it was very active website. I desperatly need anyones help who can help to get this going.


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Feb 18, 2003
It really seems your hosting provider should help handle these issues for you. If your server was purchased as "Managed" your provider should help handle this problem, any provider should at least try to assist you. Whether your server is managed or not, you should consider moving to another host. It will probably only get worse if stay.

View a decent WHM/cPanel setup guide:

Threre are plenty of companies here that can fix and setup your server for you. Check under the cpanel "Ads and Offers" forum and check for server management or administration services.

These companies offer server managment and will make sure your server is running all the time. Typically there is a $30+ monthly service fee.