Need Help Setting Up... willing to pay


Sep 18, 2003
Hi All,

I have just obtained a second CPanel server from EV1 and am trying to set it all up. I need help to do this and am willing to pay.

Server 1 is
Server 2 is

What I Need:
Server 1 is my main server which has been running smoothly for the last 8-9 months. Server 2 was obtained yesterday and needs setting up.
Server 1 uses the following nameservers NS1.OSHOSTING.NET & NS2.OSHOSTING.NET
I want server 2 to use the same nameservers. Server 1 has enough hosted accounts on it and I now need a second server so Server 2 was obtained. I need to be able to setup any new accounts on Server 2 and have the domains still use Server 1's Nameservers.

If anyone is able to set this up for me I can be contacted on MSN [email protected]