Need help with DNS Zone Settings and Redirections


Apr 9, 2013
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I really need help with my website and domain.

So, I recently bought a domain and web hosting, and I put all the web hosting DNS server details onto my domain settings. My domain and web hosting are now linked together, but now I need help.

I am setting up a game website, and my game server has a completely different IP to my web hosting, but I would like to have a A Record of '' pointing to my game server. I would like it so my actual website is on '', and that in a browser '' redirects to ''.

Would this be possible? It's not vital, but I would love it to be like so.

If this is possible, PLEASE tell me how to do this.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated. :)


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Apr 27, 2006
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'' represents the main A record for your domain, by default other items in your domain's DNS zone may hang off this record as CNAMES. In order to redirect web requests for '' to '' if you did this, you'd need to have some sort of web server software running on your game server.

As such - it might be simplest to create a new A record i.e. or whatever and use this to point to your game server...