Jul 8, 2006
Hello ,

This my first message, we are going to buy two servers with properties of.

-Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz (Dual Core)
-Virtual Hdd (RAM) 2GB DDRII 667
-Harddisc 150 GB Raptor (10.000 RPM)
-2. Harddisc 150 GB Raptor (10.000 RPM)
-İşletim Sistemi CentOS 32bit 4.3
-Paneli Cpanel/Fantastico
-Private Network Port 10Mbps

I.Server will only operate with webserver account's
II.Server will only operate the I.server Mysql db operations.

But , a friend of mine said something interesting.Limiting the database for your client given place.

Which means this ,Example

A client bought 1gb hdd , his database should not be given place from global place but his own directory so his db+his website = 1 gb.

1)What config should i do , in the mysql.
2)As i said the II. server will run or operate the I.mysql db operations so how do i do that anyone ideas.

Im trying to save I. server from operating with all the server except mysql so i give the job of operating mysql to the II.server.

Best Regards.