SOLVED Need to access a website without entering domain

Roberto Lito

Nov 18, 2017
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I need to be able to check a website by using:
since the DNS for the domain is not yet directed to this server.
I have access to WHM and have control of mod_userdir Tweak
but I have not succeeded in tweaking mod-userdir

mod_userdir Tweak appears with this text in a yellow rectangle:

"mod_userdir is disabled Web server processes on this system currently run as the user. For security reasons, the system disabled mod_userdir. Any changes that you make in this interface will not take effect until you enable mod_userdir. To use mod_userdir, you must disable mod_ruid2, mod_itk, and mod_passenger and recompile EasyApache."

I don't know how to interpret the above text and whether I should have mod_userdir enabled or disabled for http://ip/~username/ to work.
I have unchecked: Enable mod_userdir Protection
I have also checked on Exclude protection on Default Host(nobody) and other domains.
What do I have to do in WHM ? Or is there a simpler way to browse files in the public.html directory of the account ?



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Apr 8, 2003
Chesapeake, VA
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I agree with info pro here. You can modify your local hosts file to override the internet DNS for your local workstation and access the site on the new server as if the DNS were live.
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