Need to automate creation of 400+ account


Sep 27, 2006
We are using cPanel/WHM to provide around 40 user accounts, each of which has an individual instance of the application Moodle. Moodle is installed via the Fantastico add-on to cPanel/WHM. We set the user accounts up and installed Moodle on each manually via the cP/WHM web interface - it took quite a while.

We now have to create a further 400 accounts (again with Moodle), and it's not really practical to do this manually.

Any suggestions on how we could automate this process? We're thinking along the lines of having the new usernames/passwords (and any other info required) in a flat file and passing this through a script to create everything neccessary. Trouble is, we don't know what those "neccessary" things are.

Only way we can think of is to snapshot the cP/WHM server, create a single user, create a second snapshot and compare the two snapshots to see what files get added/changed.

Anyone already done something similar, or can think of a better way?

Thanks in advance,