Need to install less-than-current version of Perl module


Apr 7, 2009
First, as a bit of background, I am thoroughly familiar with Perl and CPAN ... but not (yet) with CPanel.

It's very nice that CPanel allows you to install site-specific Perl modules, using a convenient web-driven interface (I would expect nothing less from a control-panel system that is written in Perl, o'course.)

But here's my problem: the current version of a particular CPAN module that I need to use ... has a bug in it. So, I need to step back to the preceding version of that module ... which doesn't have the bug.

  • I'd prefer to be able to do that directly, within the web-based interface. (Quite sensibly, and correctly, the interface won't allow me to enter anything other than a well-formed CPAN package-name... even though, in this very-special case, that's exactly what I would need to do.)
  • If I can't do go that route, then I'd like to be able to drop into a "CPAN shell" environment, appropriate to this site. (I'm working in "cpanel," not "WHM.") From there, I know how to issue the right "install" command.
  • I don't want to "confuse" cPanel and I don't want to do anything "in a different way." (The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing, so I don't want to brutishly grab a command-line and set up my own "cpan.")
  • I need to very quickly (as in, "later today!") deduce "the right way to do it," within the context of cPanel.
So, if there are any "Perl gurus" hanging around here, I'd love to hear from you now. :) I really need to be told "the right way to do this," so that I don't have to waste any time figuring it out.
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