Mar 17, 2010
I am not sure if this is in the correct section or not but this is urgent so staff please move this thread if need be.

I have a problem with the emailing feature of WHM , Let me explain.

I have my WHMCS on a webserver , www.examplewhmcs.com
I have my WHM reseller pack on a webserver , www.examplereseller.com
Two different servers remember.
So im testing the billing/creation system, and when a guy buys from www.examplwhmcs.com , his account and his hosting account are succesfully created AFTER payment, but the details are not emailed to him like other sites! for some reason it just sends him the welcome email and the invoice/receipt and not the hosting information!

Also let me add that I HAVE tried to manually create accounts and it works perfect yet still doesn't send them the email.

I have tried to fix it for days on end and its really bugging me now, I even transferred to a new server thinking that was the problem.

Please if anyone knows how to fix this , then come forward.

This is stopping my business from launching.


Jun 24, 2005
From what you said, this is more a WHMCS support issue than a Cpanel support issue so you may want to take this up with their support.

However ---

With that said, there is really 3 main possibilities going on here but I don't see enough information to tell you for certain which that is in your case.

Is the accounts actually being created or is that not working as well?