Aug 7, 2009
Recently I purchase cPanel.
Ist question:
But tell me how my server keep more secure from hacking?
If there have any step or procedure please tell me.
2nd question:
How can I monitor a particular files on my server.
Suppose I have xyz.exe file on my server. Now I want to monitor how many people download xyz.exe file?
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Recently I purchase cPanel.

Some general advice is to install and use SuExec and SuPHP on your server. You can do this by going to WHM -> Software -> EasyApache. Go through to step 5 then check the box for SuPHP. Sit through the compile process then at the end you will be prompted for how PHP should be run - select SuPHP.

Also review items in WHM's Security section, especially Security Center, to determine which security measures are appropriate for you to implement on your server without excessively inconveniencing legitimate customers.

Regarding how many people have downloaded a specific file, just view your website stats in cPanel (Analog, AWStats or Webalizer). Stats are updated every 24 hours by default.

I'll move this thread to the WHM questions section so you may receive more relevant responses from other forum members.