Neomail,Horde,Squirel :CONFUSION [moved]


Jan 10, 2006
Neomail,Horde,Squirel :CONFUSION

I'm having this confusion

I have this email account in Neomail, I wanted to shift to horde

So what I did I log on in the webmail then I chooses Horde, well from there everything seems working perfectly fine, but when I checked back on the Neomail with the same email account, all email messages from Horde are also in Neomail.

This is my dilema, I'm using outlook 2003, how can I setup oulook to get the email from horde and not from both (neomail,horde)

And another thing, If I log to squirel mail with same email account, does all email server received the same email message?

Please Help


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Jan 24, 2005
You can use the below steps to configure your Outlook Express for a particular email account :-
1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts
2. Select the Mail tab, click Add, and then click Mail.
3. In the Display name text box, type your name (e.g. info), and then click Next.
4. In the E-mail address text box, type your email address
<electronic-id>@yourdomainname(e.g. [email protected]), and then click Next
5. In the list of Internet mail server types, select POP3.
6. In the Incoming mail server text box, type the name of the POP3 server i.e.,
ServerIP or mail.yourodmainname
7. In the Outgoing mail server text box, type the name of the SMTP server i.e.,
ServerIp or mail.yourdomainname
8. Click Next.
9. In the Internet Mail Logon dialog box, enter your emailaddress as Account name, enter the password ,then click Next.
10. Click Finish.
11. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
12. To select the Mail tab, click the e-mail account.
13 Click Properties.
14. Click the servers tab, and select My server requires authentication
15. Then Click the Advanced tab, and select Leave a copy of messages on server.
16. Click OK.

Yes, if you will login to Squirrel Mail with the same email account, you will see the same emails again. The webmail programs are "synced" with one another. You can use any to view your emails as per your convenience. You will be able to see the same emails in all the 3 for the same email account.

And to let you know, you will receive one copy of an email in your Outlook. :)