NeoMail problem, sent-items won't show ?

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Nov 4, 2002
Hi All

A client has a weird problem with his NeoMail.
He only uses the main account and only via NeoMail.
Now his sent-items folder was become to big, almost 23MB, and he tried to delete some messages. After that he was not able to see his sent-items folder anymore in Neomail ?

I checked this for myself and he was right. So, via ssh, I looked in his mail folder and there was a sent-items file:
-rw-rw---- 1 drufna mail 22851866 Mar 1 09:16 sent-mail

I guess the permissions are ok, also user and groupname.

Now when I change the name from sent-mail to sent-mail-backup for exemple, than I can see the content of this file in Neomail ! Strange, isn't it ?

And when I sent a new message from his account, then a new sent-mail file is created with the message in it, BUT I can't see it in Neomail. Only when I change the name of the sent-mail file to something else, than it works.

What could be the problem ?