NestJS / TypeOrm or Laravel + Vue.js on Cpanel Server?


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Jan 12, 2015
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I need to create a brand new V2 of an old PHP application I created using no sort of framework. I also do all the Sysadmin work. I want to hand off the coding responsibilities and just do the high level design work. I want to move to a more modern framework (coming from nothing at all) but want to keep the degree of complexity to a minimum and minimize the risk of any Sysadmin issues running on a Cpanel Server with MySQL. I want to use a single full-stack developer and want to be able to switch developers if need be with minimal learning curve for the new developer.

I was considering going with NestJS + TypeORM but Laravel + Vue.js might be the better route. I just have no personal experience with either so interested what other developers familiar with these think? The app is for a mid-size b2b business with three user groups (a dozen project managers, a couple dozen field techs, and a dozen end-customers)