Networking hardware requirements


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Jul 16, 2015
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We have our cpanel servers hosted at a data center, but we would like to have an almost identical set of servers in our office to use for development. From what I can tell so far we need multiple static IPs which is fine. I'm pretty sure we'll need a better router, but how much of a better router? I'm not sure what features are required vs what is nice to have.

I couldn't find much cpanel specific info. But I did read about general hosting of multiple servers. Some people said us NAT 1:1 others said stay away from it.

About our requirements.... we will have 3-5 servers. We'd need to network to them locally. Security and performance isn't SUPER critical since they are just dev servers. But obviously we want them reasonably safe.

I don't need a super detailed how to, just looking for a direction to go in and maybe a brief reason why. Thanks.