New account creation dont work (never has)


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Sep 25, 2008
Hi All,
Here is my problem. I am running Centos 5 and the latest Cpanel version. I can access ns1.mydomain,com, from a web browser. When I add new accounts via WHM the account creation works fine, but the domain doesnt work. The nameservers are set up correctly at the register, but my dns isnt resolving. :( Here is an example.. I have 3 domains set up with the name server and (which in running in my garage) My public ip is which is routered to a lan ip of on When I create a new account on WHM it does not work on the local lan or from another computer( cpanel creates the account fine, but something else isnt working, maybe DNS? I've been trying to get this running for weeks with no success. Can someone please help me.